Solving awkward problems with bespoke solutions

ICE9 promise you honest advice and a realistic assessment of the problem

Customisable and adaptable systems create bespoke inspection packages for your technology

ICE9 Robotics was born from an innovative research group offering development platforms for academic research and education.

We are now involved with projects in hazardous environments, ranging across sectors including UK nuclear decommissioning at Sellafield and Dounreay, international nuclear sites and the energy, oil and gas sectors.

Our autonomous mobile robots are also used for repetitive tasks in other commercial environments to reduce or eradicate human errors.

  • Safety
  • Improved efficiency and time savings
  • Reliability, consistency and accuracy of data
  • More repeatable

Our expert team

We have managed many projects nationally and internationally and can
call upon a wide range of robotics engineers. Our network of
sub-contractors and suppliers can meet all your needs!

The best service and robotic solutions in the industry

Our company mission is to provide the best service and robotic solutions in the industry based on three clear principles:
Clarity of purpose
It’s easy for engineers to get lost in
the “vision” of robotic platform
design, resulting in a robot not
quite fit for purpose. We promise
to design a robotic platform to
meet the agreed upon
requirements, not one that we
think is “cool”.
We take our job seriously and
do not cut corners just to find
an easier and quicker
solution. Customer
satisfaction is our number
one priority, so we work to
curate the best possible
solution for you!
We pride ourselves on
meeting agreed deadlines
and project milestones,
offering reliability in
communication and output
throughout the process.

Case studies

Inspection of confined spaces​

Using remotely operated robotic vehicles, it is possible to access confined spaces in various civil infrastructure environments.

Inspection of submerged silos or tanks

Utilising innovative robotic technology to inspect underwater structures in silos or tanks with small cross-section access ports.

Inspection of clean-water underground reservoirs

Utilising innovative robotic technology, it is possible to inspect the structures of clean-water underground reservoirs and improve efficiency.

Latest News

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The Financial Times ran an article on the work done by University of Manchester researchers.


ICE9 were successfully chosen to take part in the Pitch@Palace On Tour Sheffield event.

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