About Us

ICE9 Robotics – Our Story

ICE9 Robotics was born from an innovative research group offering development platforms for academic research and education. Through this research, ICE9 has been able to improve safety for personnel working in hazardous environments.  

However, we are now involved in projects ranging across the energy sector. Oil & Gas, coal, offshore wind-farms, the lot. All have their own unique challenges. Challenges ICE9 Robotics can develop innovative solutions for! Offering inspection and maintenance support for technicians on the ground.

Due to our research roots, there is no idea too crazy to try and implement, to solve those awkward problems that require a bespoke solution. It may be, that we have a robotic platform that just needs minor modifications for your needs. It is always worth a quick chat to work out if we can help and what we can offer. We always put our customers needs first, so we will offer you our honest advice and assessment.

We know, first hand, it can be difficult to find a company to meet your needs. Especially in the robotics industry, that to a large extent is still in its infancy. So please rest assured we take our role within your project very seriously!

Some of our priorities in our company mission include:

  • Communication is Key
  • Awkward Problems Require Innovative Solutions
  • No Project is Too Small or Too Big
  • Honesty IS the Best Policy

What We Offer

Below are some of our core company policies that we work towards to make sure we succeed in meeting our number one priority of customer satisfaction. They are just an overview of some of the areas we pride ourselves in and are by no means exhaustive. Please also see the Services page for a more in-depth description of our skill-sets and get in touch to see if we could help!

We Understand Requirements

It’s easy for engineers to get lost in the “vision” of robotic platform design, resulting in a robot not quite fit for purpose. We promise to design a robotic platform to meet the agreed upon requirements, not one that we think is “cool”.

We Work Precisely

We take our job seriously so do not cut corners just to find an easier and quicker solution. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. So we work to make the best possible solution for you!

We Deliver When you Need it

We pride ourselves on meeting agreed deadlines and project milestones. Offering reliability in communication and output.

We provide the best service in the Industry

To talk to us about your robotic needs, please get in touch!

Our Expert Team

Our founders have over 30 years combined experience in the robotics industry. With projects ranging from submersible ROVs, drones, control systems for industrial processes and radiation tolerance of robotic systems. They have managed many projects nationally and internationally and can call upon a wide range of robotics engineers. Our network of sub-contractors and suppliers can meet all your needs!


Barry Lennox

Director and Co-founder of Ice Nine Ltd


Matthew Nancekievill

CEO and Co-founder Of Ice Nine Ltd.

email: matthew.nancekievill@ice9robotics.co.uk


Simon Watson

Director and Co-founder of Ice Nine Ltd