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Floating Robotic Platform

Using the latest in innovative robotic technology, a robotic boat/raft is capable of inspecting the roofs/containers of underground clean-water reservoirs. Various environmental sensors can also be added as part of a general inspection of the underwater or infrastructure environment. 

“We are constantly learning of new applications for our technology in industry. The MallARD was first designed to inspect submerged nuclear decommissioning storage facilities!”

- Matthew Nancekievill, CEO & Co-Founder Ice Nine Ltd

Submersible Robotic platform

The AVEXIS is a small (150mm in diameter) underwater ROV, which has been developed as a robotic inspection solution for cluttered submerged environments such as waste silos and nuclear decommissioning. As there are many industries with underwater silos that need inspecting, currently through confined space trained personnel, the AVEXIS could offer a safer, more cost-effective and quicker solution.

“The AVEXIS has seen many successful demonstrations in the UK , Slovenia and Japan. Perfect for accessing storage facilities through small apertures” 

- Matthew Nancekievill, CEO & Co-Founder Ice Nine Ltd

Tracked ROV

Small and customizable tracked ROVs are capable of inspecting and characterising confined and hazardous spaces. Radiation mapping of nuclear decommissioning facilities or 3D scans of civil infrastructure can be completed offering improvements and development of digital twins.

“Successful deployments in multiple nuclear facilities of this technology means that it is capable of fulfilling your inspection needs”

- Matthew Nancekievill, CEO & Co-Founder Ice Nine Ltd

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