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Our Goal is to Provide Quality Bespoke Robotic Platforms and Deployments that Exceed Expectations

Welcome to ICE9 Robotics

Where we build the Robotic Solutions that YOU need. 

ICE9 has expertise in a wide-range of robotic system consultancy, deployments, and research and development of new, innovative robotic platforms. Our primary focus has been the design and manufacture of inspection and maintenance  vehicles for the energy sector, which have to contend with some of the most harsh and changeable environments. 

We have experience in CE marking any innovative, new, product we design, so you can rest assured that we will work closely with you to make sure any developed platform is up to regulatory inspection.

Finally, we’re here to help! Any project, small or large, is something that we will have experience with and we’re are always happy to have an informal conversation to kick off any projects to make sure that we are the right fit for you.

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Robotics Experience

We work with a whole range of robotic platforms. Land, sea, air, swarm, manipulators and sub-surface. If it’s already out there, we’ve probably got experience with it. 

Areas of Expertise

ICE9 has many areas of expertise that we can offer, resulting in a range of services. We can act as sub-contractors, consultants or offer a complete turn-key solution and deployment, dependent on your needs. Below is a summarised collection of some of what ICE9 can offer.

Bespoke Robot Design

If you have an idea for a robot, we can make it! Let us help on the journey of innovative robotic design. We have built robots for land, sea, air, pipes and more!

Hardware Design

We have had to put robots in the most challenging areas, so we have gained vast experience designing appropriate shells and outer casings for our robotic systems.

PCB Design

A robot is no good without electronics! We can design PCBs to fit in new or existing robots that require extra hardware integration, using our in-house team.

Project Management

Designing a robotic platform requires the co-ordination of a whole team of developers, something we have been there, done that, got the T-shirt. We're proud of delivering on-time and to agreed costs!


We have a PCB and robotic concept, now we need to give it a brain. That's where our software service comes into play, modifying existing code or developing from scratch.


Sometimes the customer would like to be trained in robotic deployments, sometimes it is more appropriate for ICE9 to operate their designs. We can work with you to decide on the best for the project.