Keir Groves

Director of Robotics

Keir Groves is an avid robotics developer, with a focus on deploying robots into extreme environments to perform dirty or dangerous tasks in place of humans.  His work is grounded in robot reliability and data integrity: “a robot should be as simple as possible and as complex as necessary”.


Keir holds a PhD in Mechanical Dynamics and, following his graduation, spent 4 years developing acoustic sonar systems with Barry Lennox. In 2017, Keir made his move into robotics and promptly built and programmed MallARD, an autonomous aquatic surface vehicle. Keir was made Research Fellow at the University of Manchester in 2019 and now specialises in localisation and control of autonomous aquatic robots for use in confined and complex environments. He also assists in design, automation, and deployment of ground vehicles for use in extreme environments (e.g. MIRRAX, CARMA and VEGA robots).